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Packing Solutions for Large Boobs

I hit the road this month for meetings, and to attend SheEO’s Purple Carpet event celebrating the final five funded ventures.

Work travel with an event thrown in is a challenge for any woman. When you’re a #fullbust IMG_1403#womeninbiz it can be harrowing. What happens if you lose your luggage (because of course you pack your PERFECT BRA!!) or spill something? Its not like we can just hit the mall and replace it!

Here’s a photo of me in the best (of the worst) white blouse from 15+ tried on the mall. I would feel very self-conscious wearing this to meetings! (& can someone please explain WTF those pockets are for??)

Here’s what I packed to make sure I’m covered for this trip:PackingPicFramed
1. Packable Puffer
2. Black Peplum Top – comfy as a sweatshirt with way more polish.
3. White Silk Utility Shirt – dress it up or down
4. Patterned Sheath Dress – zip up & go!
5. Dark Denim
6. Dark Trousers
7. Pencil Skirt
+ 3 pairs of great shoes
= at least 7 different outfits for casual, corporate and cocktails in a carry-on. Accessories give even more looks.
I wore my long coat on the plane to reduce bulk & keep warm on the usually freezing plane.

I use these awesome GoToob refillable bottles for my liquids. They’re silicone, come in different sizes, are TSA-approved and have never leaked.

What do you pack? Share your work travel essentials with us on Facebook or Twitter.

PS The patterned sheath dress is still on sale but only til Feb 29th. Get yours here!

To your success,
Melanie & Front Room HQ

Throw Your Hands Up at Me!

The mighty Queen B. was on to something there.HandsUp_img
You read the posting for the new job or board position and think, “I couldn’t possibly.  They won’t pick me.  I don’t check all the boxes.  I’m not qualified enough.”

Let’s review, you’re:

  • One smart cookie.
  • Educated, in both classroom and industry.
  • A quick study, all that info gets sucked into your big brain like magic.
  • Dedicated doesn’t even begin to describe your work ethic, and
  • You get it.

So why aren’t you putting your hand up more?

Yes, the volume on the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee that lives in your head is going to get loud.  It’s going to ask you, “Who the hell you think you are…” Don’t let the impostor thoughts stop you before you start.  If you wait until all the boxes are checked, the opportunity might be lost for good.  As the brilliant Seth Godin says “You need to press the buzzer before you know the answer.”

What are you waiting for?

The guys don’t wait.  They barely bother to consider if they have the qualifications – as with sports, they let the refs tell them whether they should be in the penalty box or on the field.  They don’t opt themselves out first.  They put their hand up to get picked, then figure out how to get it done.

Put yourselves in the shoes of the person filling the posting.  Do you want somebody who already knows how to do everything the job demands?  No way.  They’re going to be bored and have no place to grow.  They’ll be mailing it in until a better opportunity comes by.

Sure, you might not get picked.  You might have to convince somebody how your skills translate so you’d be a great asset for their organization.  At minimum, putting your hand up increases your visibility and might lead to being top of mind for the next great opportunity.

What are you holding back from really going for?  Put yourself in the running and give yourself a shot.

To your success,

For more on this topic, read Bruce Kasanoff’s take in Forbes, “If You’re Competent, Its time to be Confident”

White Button Down – Glamour-ous Office Inspiration

GLAMOUR-ous Office Style

Open Wide

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2015 brings you many opportunities to open wider to your brilliance, to love, to joy.

I wish that 2015 be a year you grant yourself even more acceptance.

So many people use resolutions as a tool for beating themselves up, as though they need fixing. (You don’t need improvement.)

Still others won’t be truly happy until they’ve achieved their goals.  When I lose those 10 lbs I’ll be happy!!  (Happiness is both a choice and a habit.)

I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate your wins.  If losing weight is a goal of yours and you achieve it, put on the Prince and party like its 1999!

Neither am I saying we can’t grow or stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones.

What I am saying is that you can be really happy, as in right now.  I’m saying that those things you might be putting on pause until you’re ­­­­­­___________ can’t wait.  The Universe is waiting for you!!

I’m saying that you don’t need to wait to be “improved” to take the risk and speak up in the meeting, ask for the raise, talk to the handsome man in line for a  latte.  You’re deserving of it right now.  How do I know?  Because you want it.

If you follow the “I’ll wait until” logic, then Oprah shoulda just waited for those next 10 lbs to come off before she made her move?  Ed O’Neill should have waited to audition for the Dad/Grandpa role on the popular TV show “Modern Family” until he was in better shape?   Hell no!

So don’t you wait either, puh-leeze!  You’ve got magic to work and the size of your skin suit (or whatever you think needs fixing) has ZERO to do with your ability to work it.  Good things come to those who hustle.

Yes, we mortals do feel better when we look good.  I’m guilty of it too.  It is partly why I started this clothing line: look good, feel better.

Just know that sometimes choosing to shake off the guilt about being “flawed” and feel better anyway makes you look positively radiant, and if that isn’t motivation to go dancing on the glass ceiling I don’t know what is.

I’m SO glad to have you along for my ride and the long awaited launch later this spring.  Fabrics are ordered, factory space booked…  your new closet go-tos are only a few months away!

To your stellar 2015,
Melanie & Front Room HQ
More than clothes, confidence.™

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