Spread the Love

Hello gorgeous,
Did you know the founder of Front Room is Melanie LOVE?  That’s me.

After spelling out my maiden name (van den Berge) thousands of times and having to argue that van den are NOT middle names to board an plane or find my confirmed hotel reservation… it was a pretty easy choice.

Besides, awesome last name!  Even gun-toting NYC airport security guards give me a cheesy grin, hubba-hubba eyebrow-raise and say Melanie Loooove. Nobody says Love.  They say Loooove.

The last name Love comes with a decision about this time of year.  Despite being married on February 14th (true story), neither me or the Mister are pro V-day.  It is simply February the 14th in our house.

Far from being romantic Grinches, we feel that the appreciation and effort should happen year-round.   That the best romances are often ones where partners exist back to back looking out into the world; where each partner has a solid group of outside interests and friends, who also deserve our effort and appreciation.

When we were kids, we gave feel-good Valentines to all of our friends, our teacher, our family and to our special sweetie. We can get behind that!  Go old-school, spread the love. Celebrate Gal-entines, Pal-entines, and every other Valentine in your world!

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