Meet the DD + Double Agent Dress

I believe my job at Front Room is this:

Make stuff you want & Deliver it how you want it.

To tackle the first part I envisioned a co-creation model where Front Room’s design team would create boob-friendly concepts, present them to you and you would tell us if you liked it and comment on what tweaks you’d suggest, essentially playing designer with us. In exchange, we’d offer a great deal on pre-purchasing. Win/Win!

This helps us plan production, ensures you have a say: “I *hate* that print!” “Love the red.” “Can it have sleeves?” “More sizes please!” and you get rewarded for speaking up.

Turns out a platform to do this exists (*Betabrand, read more below) and I’ve submitted a design to see how you like it. My submission is also part of a contest – most votes by March 23rd wins a spot on the runway at San Francisco Fashion week (free trip & amazing press!!).

Meet the Double Agent Dress:

DoubleAgentDressThis little black dress for DD+ creates 10 different looks with removable and interchangeable asymmetrical peplum options: A small and a large peplum in the same fabric as the dress, a small sequin peplum and a large silk peplum.

Like it? Click here to Vote for the Double Agent Dress for DD+

To your success,
Melanie & Front Room HQ

*About BetaBrand: it is a unique website that works by having designers submit designs, people vote and when there are enough votes, the product goes to crowdfunding for production.
People who vote get first dibs on the best deals in the crowdfunding phase to say Thanks! (& get first delivery of the goods). A great deal for helping the design and production planning process along = win/win.

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