Head Case

Detour Sign

Sometimes life takes an unexpected detour.

I’m still a head case.

It has been more than 15 months since the nausea, feeling off-balance and headaches arrived. All of a sudden I felt hung over without having partaken the previous day in September 2015.

The hangover feeling persisted for a few days.  I was told it was something viral, probably in my inner ear and I’d be fine in a couple of weeks.

Multiple doctors (family, walk-in, neurologist, otolaryngologist), several therapists (physio, occupational, osteo), alternatives (acupuncture, massage, bodytalk, herbs & vitamins) four cortisone shots to my spine, x-rays and an MRI later, I still have no firm diagnosis.

One suspicion is vestibular migraine (often nausea & loss of balance, with or without head pain), another is post-concussion syndrome (as I had hit my head just over a week before, hard enough to make it bleed.)

I was slowly improving until, of course, I hit my head (again) and concussed myself in early July 2016. The prognosis is that I should make a full recovery… eventually.  I “should” have been well along to recovery but I’m stalled.

Lights (including computer & TV screens, the power on indicator on the cable box) , noise and movement still all bother me. They can trigger nausea, facial numbness, fatigue, loss of balance, tension headaches, and/or ocular migraines.

I can’t really leave the house without help.  I can’t:

  • Go for a walk.  Not around the block, even making our king size bed makes me nauseous.
  • Drive.  Turning my head left-right produces nausea, even moving cookies from the cookie sheet to the plate so driving is out. I mostly keep my eyes closed in a moving car, except for certain people (you know who you are).
  • Be in a store for more than 10-15 minutes, depending on brightness, noise and visual clutter.
  • Go to a bright, noisy &/or busy restaurant.
  • Work on a computer for more than 15-20 minutes at a time, maybe 5x a day.
  • Reading is maybe 5 minute intervals, depending on text size and content complexity.

I’m trying everything I can to get back to full health!  Unfortunately, the biggest thing is rest.  As in at least 10-15 minutes of closed eyes rest PER HOUR.

That puts a big wrench in the small business operations where I’m the boss, to say the least.  So Front Room remains on indefinite pause while I unscramble my brains.

I’m actually really positive and happy to be able to do all the things I can do. Sure, I get frustrated at times when simple tasks are too taxing and I’m now weak as a kitten from sitting all the time!  But I’m at home spending time listening to podcasts and audiobooks, able to cook (something I really enjoy) and generally take care of myself (exercise notwithstanding).  My aunt passed away from ALS just over two years ago so that perspective makes me very grateful for my mobility and activity, diminished as it is – it is Olympian in comparison.

That’s the report from the front lines of Front Room.  Thanks for your support!

I wish us all an abundantly healthy and prosperous 2017.

To your success,
Melanie Love
Founder & CEO

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