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Captain Klutz

Hey you! Long time no see! Remember me? Its Melanie Love, founder and CEO of Front Room.

I built this company because like you, I had a need that I couldn’t find in the market. I wanted clothes to wear in a business environment that would also keep the girls under wrap, while looking stylish and polished. I couldn’t find what I needed, so I launched Front Room.

We came to market in June 2015, with our first collection of tops and blouses for women DD-JJ+. It was a hit with all of you who, like me, were sick of feeling ignored by retailers.

Unfortunately in September 2015, September 17th actually, I was hit with sudden onset vertigo. I haven’t been able to drive, or fly, or really do much work since, because nausea, dizziness and migraines brought on by activity or light really put a damper on things. Then, I made matters worse this July when I cracked my head (just call me Captain Klutz). That made it concussion number 3 in 3 years! Now I have post-concussion on top of my vertigo. So, my friends, this means that I need to take a break to heal my melon. I can’t run a company with only 10 minutes of screen time, five times a day.

Because of this, I’m going to have to put Front Room on pause for an indefinite amount of time, but…

I’m going to re-open the shop, with EVERYTHING 33% off, for a few weeks, so pick up those items you’ve had your eye on. The storefront will go offline October 8th for new orders. I will accept exchanges or returns until October 31st.

I am also actively looking for a partner to help me in the business. Someone who is passionate about fashion and knows about clothing/garment manufacturing and/or retail marketing and distribution. Those areas are NOT my passion, I just want to wear polished pieces that fit! I do have a passion for business so I am happy to run the corporate/number-crunchy side (when I’m able to return to that). We’d appreciate your suggestions or referrals via email , LinkedIn or on Twitter.
I will hopefully be back to you in some future version, because I did have a whole fall lineup of new duds to bring to you that I just couldn’t get done.

In the meantime, you can shop the store and let me know if you have any great partner referrals for me.

Thanks for being part of the Front Room family. We’ll talk to you soon.

Warmest regards,


Packing Solutions for Large Boobs

I hit the road this month for meetings, and to attend SheEO’s Purple Carpet event celebrating the final five funded ventures.

Work travel with an event thrown in is a challenge for any woman. When you’re a #fullbust IMG_1403#womeninbiz it can be harrowing. What happens if you lose your luggage (because of course you pack your PERFECT BRA!!) or spill something? Its not like we can just hit the mall and replace it!

Here’s a photo of me in the best (of the worst) white blouse from 15+ tried on the mall. I would feel very self-conscious wearing this to meetings! (& can someone please explain WTF those pockets are for??)

Here’s what I packed to make sure I’m covered for this trip:PackingPicFramed
1. Packable Puffer
2. Black Peplum Top – comfy as a sweatshirt with way more polish.
3. White Silk Utility Shirt – dress it up or down
4. Patterned Sheath Dress – zip up & go!
5. Dark Denim
6. Dark Trousers
7. Pencil Skirt
+ 3 pairs of great shoes
= at least 7 different outfits for casual, corporate and cocktails in a carry-on. Accessories give even more looks.
I wore my long coat on the plane to reduce bulk & keep warm on the usually freezing plane.

I use these awesome GoToob refillable bottles for my liquids. They’re silicone, come in different sizes, are TSA-approved and have never leaked.

What do you pack? Share your work travel essentials with us on Facebook or Twitter.

PS The patterned sheath dress is still on sale but only til Feb 29th. Get yours here!

To your success,
Melanie & Front Room HQ

Fashion is Dealing with Big Breasts – Good News & Bad

Big boobs were in the news a lot this week; Reformation launched a boob-friendly line, then there was reaction to the lack of large cup sizes and most recently a young actress shared her decision to have breast-reduction surgery.

Ms. Winter cited being really uncomfortable with all of the focus on her assets, the bullying/harassment, and feeling crappy because nothing fricking fits when you’re stacked.

We feel ya sister!  By no means are you alone in your experiences.

big boobs small boobs not happy

The grass is always greener – c/o Busty Girl Comics

My own experience is similar to Ms. Winter: I developed quite early and was treated WAY inappropriately for my age.  My first bra (at age 10, grade 5) was a 34C and boy was I bullied at my elementary school.  It made it worse that I am tall-ish  (I hit my current 5’7″ at 11). I was mistaken for 17 at age 11 and hit on by men of wildly inappropriate ages.

I was (and am) subjected to tacky and tasteless commentary from both men and women – including well-meaning friends and family! Catcalls from strangers + Are they real? How BIG are they??  I bet you don’t do yoga..har har.  Why don’t you put those things away? How long since you’ve seen your feet? sigh…

All of this goes back to why I started Front Room: because how we look dramatically influences how we feel.  Even when you’re a gorgeous young actor with the world in the palm of our hands. .. or a senior lawyer at a law firm.  Or a politician. Or an analyst on Bay Street, as I used to be.

If clothes don’t fit quite right we don’t feel great and don’t put ourselves out there as much as we should.  We absolutely MUST put our hands up because too many of us wait until we feel completely ready and let opportunities pass us by.  (See my post from last week for more.)

It is a problem that people can’t focus on our message for ogling the mammaries.  People judge us, within seconds.  So we need clothes that fit so we can be the total package, rather than the chick with the big rack… what did she say again?? Helloooo…#eyesuphere!!

One solution is a reduction.  I can’t imagine doing it though times I have been sorely tempted, pun intended.  I totally get why women do it and applaud their courage to go under the knife.

The other solution is clothes designed for big boobs.  GASP!  What a concept.
How about clothing tight enough to show you’re a woman, loose enough to show you’re a lady?
Clothing with no pulling, no gaping, and no exposure of boobs or bra sound good?  Wish granted.
This is exactly how I designed Front Room clothes to fit.

So shop now!  Give your self-esteem a boost. (Most commonly heard from the changerooms:  “Oh my GOD. It fits!  I have a waist!” often followed by a heartfelt thank you to be finally included in fashion.)

What have you got to lose? We’ve got an awesome return policy that is WAY better for our subscribers (as in free*).  So yes, you want to get on our list.

To rocking what you’ve got,
Melanie & Front Room HQ

*For prompt returns. See our Customer Happiness page for full details.

Melanie & the Big Fish

This week I bring you a little humour at my expense. Since you’re in the BBC (the big boob club) you’ll totally understand where I’m coming from with this story.

So there I was: at lunch with a prospective client. Not just any prospective client mind you, a big fish. This particular fish is also besties with one of the biggest fish in town so winning friends and influencing people was on my mind for sure.

We’re having an enjoyable time, getting to know each other and mixing business with pleasurable conversation with ease. The sushi was fresh and delicious.

And then… it happened. I commit sushi sabotage and drop a piece in my soy sauce/wasabi slurry. It splashes some on the table but a quick survey says all else is fine. I pick it up and carry on, laughing about my chopstick carnage.

Big Fish politely informs me that I’ve got something on my shirt. I look down and see nothing out of the ordinary so I say nope, I think I’m good.

Big Fish says nothing further and we finish what I think is a successful lunch meeting.

I return to the office and hit the washroom before heading to my desk. I look in the mirror after washing my hands and see there is a HUGE greenish brown stain on my shirt, right around my belly button area.

Now I haven’t seen this area without a mirror since I was twelve and my big boobs got in the way.   I looked down and saw clean shirt (and the extra snaps holding down the fort between the straining buttons) but the stain was well hidden under all that real estate.

O.M.G. Not only did Big Fish tell me I had a stain, I looked down and said nope, all good here. #fail #shootmenow

I recover from my horror enough to call Big Fish the next day and he ends up becoming a client, perhaps out of abject pity but a client nonetheless. A worthy shirt sacrifice!

If you haven’t seen it already, here is a quick vid about a few of the other problems only those of us in the BBC really get. I could add a dozen more to the list, how about you?

Product launch update: the factory is sewing up a storm and the goods will be on their way in a couple of weeks.   Newsletter subscribers will get a password-protected preview of the online store before the end of the month.

To laughing at our #bigboobprobs,
Melanie Love
Founder & CEO

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