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As a former Bay Street/Wall Street analyst who happened to be well-endowed, I had a hard time finding work-appropriate tops that kept the girls under wraps and still looked good.

I tried it all:

– safety pins
– fashion tape
– extra snaps and buttons
– extra darts for shape (because I had to buy blouses too big for my body to fit my bust)
– even custom shirts by excellent tailors accustomed to our less curvy counterparts … but nothing really hit the mark.

I had paid a lot of money for clothes that never looked or felt right.  Sound familiar?

 “If it doesn’t fit, it’s ugly anyway.”
– Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn really nails it.  It is really difficult to feel beautiful and confident when your clothes are off-kilter or worse, outright uncomfortable.   (Don’t get me wrong, I was still pretty confident – but I’d take 100% confident over 70% any day.)

We know it could be better and being the successful, achievement-oriented women we are – we obsess over the details.  Like the fact that my blouse could bust open any time in a major wardrobe malfunction… in the boardroom… during the pitch to THE client.  Just. Fricking. Perfect.

We want to be noticed for the whole package: the polished and professional lady with the great presentation and solid recommendations – rather than being the chick with the huge rack.  What did she say again?

 “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
– Maya Angelou

At the heart of courage is confidence; the willingness to risk is directly related to how we feel about ourselves.  Whether it is smiling at the hottie at the coffee shop or running for office, it takes the willingness to put ourselves out there – to risk.

Our appearance deeply influences our confidence.

On a  TV commercial for a weight loss company Kirstie Alley proclaims “Now that I’ve lost a dress size, I’m going to do things differently.  How about you?”   If you ever watched What Not To Wear, you witnessed the transformation that good fit can bring about.  Those women stood taller and smiled more, ready to step into their lives much more fully.

And that is exactly why I founded Front Room.  I want you to be able to step in to more of your power by having clothes that work for your figure.

To amp up your confidence by removing the niggling doubts about your clothes having the right proportions, whether the twins are locked down or your bra is showing.

Front Room is a clothing company with a few differences.  We make beautiful clothes for the professional woman (you bosslady, you) who happens to have big boobs, because yes – you can be stacked and successful and you need clothes to wear befitting the boardroom (seems obvious, doesn’t it?).

We’re also really into success.  How we can up our game and get the frick out of our own way.  Tips, tools, books and as you may have noticed, we also kinda dig quotes around here.  The right quote at just the right time can be one hell of a lightbulb moment.

And yes, we’re into looking good too.  Love the shoes, love the bag!  Who knew that new shade of lipstick would be so life changing?  Anything that can have us looking fab with less effort, we’re totally down with.

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Welcome to Front Room!  Make yourself comfortable.

Warm regards,
Melanie Love, CFA
Founder & CEO

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  1. Marilyn Shoults

    While I do not qualify under the “big boob” category I am interested in following your successes


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