Monthly Archives: September 2016

Captain Klutz

Hey you! Long time no see! Remember me? Its Melanie Love, founder and CEO of Front Room.

I built this company because like you, I had a need that I couldn’t find in the market. I wanted clothes to wear in a business environment that would also keep the girls under wrap, while looking stylish and polished. I couldn’t find what I needed, so I launched Front Room.

We came to market in June 2015, with our first collection of tops and blouses for women DD-JJ+. It was a hit with all of you who, like me, were sick of feeling ignored by retailers.

Unfortunately in September 2015, September 17th actually, I was hit with sudden onset vertigo. I haven’t been able to drive, or fly, or really do much work since, because nausea, dizziness and migraines brought on by activity or light really put a damper on things. Then, I made matters worse this July when I cracked my head (just call me Captain Klutz). That made it concussion number 3 in 3 years! Now I have post-concussion on top of my vertigo. So, my friends, this means that I need to take a break to heal my melon. I can’t run a company with only 10 minutes of screen time, five times a day.

Because of this, I’m going to have to put Front Room on pause for an indefinite amount of time, but…

I’m going to re-open the shop, with EVERYTHING 33% off, for a few weeks, so pick up those items you’ve had your eye on. The storefront will go offline October 8th for new orders. I will accept exchanges or returns until October 31st.

I am also actively looking for a partner to help me in the business. Someone who is passionate about fashion and knows about clothing/garment manufacturing and/or retail marketing and distribution. Those areas are NOT my passion, I just want to wear polished pieces that fit! I do have a passion for business so I am happy to run the corporate/number-crunchy side (when I’m able to return to that). We’d appreciate your suggestions or referrals via email , LinkedIn or on Twitter.
I will hopefully be back to you in some future version, because I did have a whole fall lineup of new duds to bring to you that I just couldn’t get done.

In the meantime, you can shop the store and let me know if you have any great partner referrals for me.

Thanks for being part of the Front Room family. We’ll talk to you soon.

Warmest regards,