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Tag! #Fail #FrontRoom #NotPorn

We need help…. Front Room clothing was created as a solution for you: a busty professional woman who couldn’t find clothing to fit your curves – all of them. Your big boobs, torso, waist and tush.Instagram #FAIL #theRPMProject #FrontRoom(1)

See all the key words in that sentence? Busty. Full bust. Curves. Boobs. They all make sense and are decidedly #notporn when we’re talking about our wardrobe essentials.

But when we describe these attributes online using hashtags, the search engines lose the context and turn your clothing solution into adult material.  (Google penalizes adult content, either removing the offending site from the search results or putting them waaaay at the back.)

We’re in luck!  We’re one of ten finalists to win up to $25,000 of professional marketing support from the William Joseph Agency.

You can help us lead from the front by Tweeting or re-Tweeting posts with tags #FrontRoom AND #TheRPMProject or simply by by clicking on the link on our site .  Each one counts as a vote for us (until October 21st).

We want your suggestions for a hashtag we full-busted professional women could own.  Why bother? Hashtags make it easier to find more content relevant to us (and less of what isn’t).  What should we call our segment of the big boob club?

With your suggestions and their marketing help, we could make sure that we reach all the ladies out there who need #uppermanagement (see, we really do need marketing help…)

Send us your ideas:


Here’s to taking over the world!
Sho & Front Room HQ