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Giving Back

As smart, savvy, women of action we know that it is so important to give back.  We do it in our personal lives and here at Front Rom we’re making it a big part of our business.

There are so many people, animals, organizations in need that it can be totally overwhelming.  How to choose among all the worthy causes?  We realized that the easiest way to help is to think of ourselves first.  Say what?  Allow us to explain.

We realized that asking “How can I help <INSERT TRAGIC NEED HERE>?” can be paralyzing so asking “What do I have to give?” is easier.

That’s how we started. Besides beauty, brains, sparkling personality and of course, modesty, what do we have?

We have clothes. There are people who need clothes. Donating clothes seems like a good start.

Next question, how do we make the most impact with what we have?

Making ChangesWe’re partnering with Making Changes in Calgary. Making Changes works at “Empowering women to make meaningful contributions to the community.” And it does.

There are employment and life skills programs to support women in their personal and professional development; and two programs to help women and girls in need find clothes for work and improve their employment options.

We share the understanding that having work-appropriate clothes inspires self-confidence and can help women present their best self forward. (Almost typed ‘breast self’ there… near miss!)

We are thrilled to partner with an organization with such a powerful mission. That’s a start.

Because our founder Melanie has a big brain to go with her ample assets, she realized she could contribute more. She has joined with hundreds of other women to start a fund that will not only finance, but also support women-owned ventures. Beyond money, she is giving of herself, sharing her business-brains with other women to support their success. That’s her impact. To learn more about the SheEO movement, click here.

We  want to know how where and how you give back.  Share your favorite organizations and causes below.

To learn about more great projects and organizations, check out our Good Works page on Pinterest.

Here’s to more being more,
Melanie & Front Room HQ