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At Front Room, we’re just starting out. We’re creating the best fitting work wear essentials for the busty boss lady, piece by piece. But we know you need more clothes than your 9 to 5 pieces. To help you shine in every aspect of your life, here is the first in a series of posts about the best dressed options (clothes, swimwear and bras) for full-busted boss ladies!

Big Boob Problem Solved: Sundress Your Best
We hear you sisters.  It is the dog-days of August and way too hot outside!  Some boob-friendly sundresses are required.

We don’t make sundresses (yet) but we’ll share some options from the full-busted clothing brands who do.

Yes, you’ll have to order them online.  You’re already used to doing that for the best selection for large cup bras though so no biggie.

Pepperberry has the best selection by far.  Our only complaint is that they tend to focus only on empire-waisted styles.  As an hourglass Melanie prefers a lower waistline for her best look.  But beggars can’t be choosers.

Here are a few of our faves from Pepperberry, Urkye, biu biu, DD Atelier and Saint Bustier (not affiliate links).  Yes, they’re technically competitors but we in the Sisterhood of the Shoulder Dents need lots of options so we’re happy to highlight them for you. BONUS: most items are on sale.  Enjoy!

Joanna Maxi (I own this from past seasons)

Pepperberry Joanna Maxi (Melanie owns this from past seasons) link

Zoe Stripe in Denim

Pepperberry Zoe Stripe in Denim link

Erica Shell Dress

Pepperberry Erica Shell Dress (Melanie owns this from past season too!) link









Washed Stripe Maxi

Pepperberry Washed Stripe Maxi link

biu biu Nezca Lines Maxi

biu biu Nazca Lines Maxi link










biu biu Martini Blue

biu biu Martini Blue link

Red Polka Dot

Urkye Red Polka Dot link










DD Atelier Floral link

Saint Bustier Rosalind

Saint Bustier Rosalind link









Saint Bustier Riviera

Saint Bustier Riviera link

As with all summer online shopping…best enjoyed with a cold, refreshing cocktail in hand.

Cheers to you,
Melanie & Front Room HQ

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Fashion is Dealing with Big Breasts – Good News & Bad

Big boobs were in the news a lot this week; Reformation launched a boob-friendly line, then there was reaction to the lack of large cup sizes and most recently a young actress shared her decision to have breast-reduction surgery.

Ms. Winter cited being really uncomfortable with all of the focus on her assets, the bullying/harassment, and feeling crappy because nothing fricking fits when you’re stacked.

We feel ya sister!  By no means are you alone in your experiences.

big boobs small boobs not happy

The grass is always greener – c/o Busty Girl Comics

My own experience is similar to Ms. Winter: I developed quite early and was treated WAY inappropriately for my age.  My first bra (at age 10, grade 5) was a 34C and boy was I bullied at my elementary school.  It made it worse that I am tall-ish  (I hit my current 5’7″ at 11). I was mistaken for 17 at age 11 and hit on by men of wildly inappropriate ages.

I was (and am) subjected to tacky and tasteless commentary from both men and women – including well-meaning friends and family! Catcalls from strangers + Are they real? How BIG are they??  I bet you don’t do yoga..har har.  Why don’t you put those things away? How long since you’ve seen your feet? sigh…

All of this goes back to why I started Front Room: because how we look dramatically influences how we feel.  Even when you’re a gorgeous young actor with the world in the palm of our hands. .. or a senior lawyer at a law firm.  Or a politician. Or an analyst on Bay Street, as I used to be.

If clothes don’t fit quite right we don’t feel great and don’t put ourselves out there as much as we should.  We absolutely MUST put our hands up because too many of us wait until we feel completely ready and let opportunities pass us by.  (See my post from last week for more.)

It is a problem that people can’t focus on our message for ogling the mammaries.  People judge us, within seconds.  So we need clothes that fit so we can be the total package, rather than the chick with the big rack… what did she say again?? Helloooo…#eyesuphere!!

One solution is a reduction.  I can’t imagine doing it though times I have been sorely tempted, pun intended.  I totally get why women do it and applaud their courage to go under the knife.

The other solution is clothes designed for big boobs.  GASP!  What a concept.
How about clothing tight enough to show you’re a woman, loose enough to show you’re a lady?
Clothing with no pulling, no gaping, and no exposure of boobs or bra sound good?  Wish granted.
This is exactly how I designed Front Room clothes to fit.

So shop now!  Give your self-esteem a boost. (Most commonly heard from the changerooms:  “Oh my GOD. It fits!  I have a waist!” often followed by a heartfelt thank you to be finally included in fashion.)

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To rocking what you’ve got,
Melanie & Front Room HQ

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