Monthly Archives: May 2015

Power and hanging in

Ever had those times when you wanted to pull your hair out in frustration?  Me too.

Been having them a lot lately as the production of this first season has been going much more s-l-o-w-l-y than it was supposed to.

I am really disappointed that I haven’t been able to deliver the product to you in April as planned.

The first two styles will be done tomorrow (a mere six weeks late – GAH!) and I pray to all that is holy that the completed garments measure up to our specifications.

The other four are all being sewn on the factory floor right now so there is progress… The Vancouver factory tells me that the rest will be done within two to three weeks (but they’ve said that before).  Sigh.

Kind of makes you wonder why the hell I signed up for this anyways??

There is so much power in being able to look comfortable in a conference room.”
– Ilana Glazer (actress on Broad City)

Preach it sister.  There is power in looking comfortable, even more so when you feel comfortable.

I founded Front Room so you can march into that boardroom and close like a boss, without worrying about the boobage wreaking havoc on your wardrobe.

As soon as humanly possible, Front Room HQ will get product photography done and the online storefront up.  Rest assured we are scouting other North American options for future production.

Thanks for your support, truly.  It means the world to me that you believe in this crazy idea of mine.

To hanging in there,
CEO & Founder
Front Room