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Melanie & the Big Fish

This week I bring you a little humour at my expense. Since you’re in the BBC (the big boob club) you’ll totally understand where I’m coming from with this story.

So there I was: at lunch with a prospective client. Not just any prospective client mind you, a big fish. This particular fish is also besties with one of the biggest fish in town so winning friends and influencing people was on my mind for sure.

We’re having an enjoyable time, getting to know each other and mixing business with pleasurable conversation with ease. The sushi was fresh and delicious.

And then… it happened. I commit sushi sabotage and drop a piece in my soy sauce/wasabi slurry. It splashes some on the table but a quick survey says all else is fine. I pick it up and carry on, laughing about my chopstick carnage.

Big Fish politely informs me that I’ve got something on my shirt. I look down and see nothing out of the ordinary so I say nope, I think I’m good.

Big Fish says nothing further and we finish what I think is a successful lunch meeting.

I return to the office and hit the washroom before heading to my desk. I look in the mirror after washing my hands and see there is a HUGE greenish brown stain on my shirt, right around my belly button area.

Now I haven’t seen this area without a mirror since I was twelve and my big boobs got in the way.   I looked down and saw clean shirt (and the extra snaps holding down the fort between the straining buttons) but the stain was well hidden under all that real estate.

O.M.G. Not only did Big Fish tell me I had a stain, I looked down and said nope, all good here. #fail #shootmenow

I recover from my horror enough to call Big Fish the next day and he ends up becoming a client, perhaps out of abject pity but a client nonetheless. A worthy shirt sacrifice!

If you haven’t seen it already, here is a quick vid about a few of the other problems only those of us in the BBC really get. I could add a dozen more to the list, how about you?

Product launch update: the factory is sewing up a storm and the goods will be on their way in a couple of weeks.   Newsletter subscribers will get a password-protected preview of the online store before the end of the month.

To laughing at our #bigboobprobs,
Melanie Love
Founder & CEO

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