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Hello, diversity. Nice to see you.

Ground breaking news:  women above a size four are beautiful too!

This news comes courtesy of the announcement earlier this month that ”plus-size” Australian model Robyn Lawley will be featured in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

Robyn Lawley.  Photo: James Macari—Sports Illustrated

Robyn Lawley. Photo: James Macari—Sports Illustrated

Evidently the news is so shocking, it made an appearance in Time magazine.

Robyn Lawley is gorgeous, natch.  She’s also started a fire storm of debate about what “plus-size” actually is.  (Side note: can nobody come up with a better word than plus-size??)

Some argue she’s hardly large enough to be considered plus-size, except in maybe her bra. (Yes, an actual comment from someone.)

We’re thrilled to finally be seeing the dawn of diversity in a major publication touting beautiful women.

Starting Front Room was a learning curve on many fronts, one of which led us to the modeling world to seek models for fit work (trying on the clothes) and print work (models to be featured in ads).

We were horrified to discover that, in the world of modeling agencies, plus size starts at a size 6. Yes, size SIX.

We know that in the real world, plus size clothing often starts at size 14 though some stores catering to plus-size start at 12.  Incidentally, Robyn is a size 12 so on the cusp of regular sizes (called “missy” as a category in the garment industry – gag!) and plus-size in the real world.

Like Front Room’s founder Melanie Love, Robyn started her own swimwear line when she had a hard time finding anything to fit.  Amen sister!  Go get’em.

We say CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Robyn for making the cut for a very coveted spot in the SI swimsuit edition.  The important thing is that her work stands up alongside her peers, not the number on the tag of the bikini.

Like Robyn, we believe all women are “real women”, whether you’re waif-like or Rubenesque in size.  Beauty doesn’t have a number.

We cater to busty women, from XS to XL.  You might be slim with a straight, athletic body type and stacked (like Ivanka Trump) or curvy head to toe (a la Christina Hendricks).  We’ll have clothes to fit you.  Of course, not every style will suit every body – but we’ll guide you so you know what will work for your shape.

The first 2015 collection will be coming soon.  Can’t wait to see it on you!

To your natural beauty,
Melanie & Front Room HQ
More than clothes, confidence.™

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