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The Rant! (or: Will it really fit??)

Occasionally I’ll ask a member of the Club* if she has any troubles finding clothes.
(*you know, the BBC?  The Big Boob Club.)

The response (a.k.a. “the rant”) goes pretty much like this:

Oh. My. God.  You have NO idea how hard it is to find clothes that fit properly! 

If it fits me in the boobs, it is huge everywhere else.  It if fits my shoulders, the girls are busting out.  I spend a small fortune in alterations buying clothes too big and having them taken in!  Don’t even get me started on the bras and my shoulder dents.

I get the same response over and over again.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I remember you saying the same thing to me.

When I told you that Front Room is making tops to fit your bust and your shoulders, your response was great!    I think it was something along the lines of “I want it now!  Please?

But I bet there’s a part of you that’s thinking this is too good to be true.

Tops that will fit your big boobs and not be huge on your shoulders and waist?

Dresses with underbust seams that actually fall under your ample bosom, instead of cutting the girls in half for a lovely quad-boob effect?

V-necks that go low enough so it doesn’t make your boobs look droopy, and high enough to be office appropriate?

Yes, Virginia.  There is a Santa Claus.

Yeah, but I’m more blessed than most you say?  Good.  We’ve designed our clothes to fit up to a 10 inch difference between your full bust and your underbust.  That’s about a JJ in UK bra sizing (or DDDD in the strange US sizing).

Hold on.  My friend isn’t that big, will she still be able to wear Front Room clothes?
Absolutely.  Our knits should drape well on the DDs/Fs of the world quite well.  The silk tops might need to be taken in slightly at the bust, it all depends on her body shape and boob distribution.

Our size chart references your full bust and underbust.  We leave out the waist since pretty much any body shape can have big boobs.  We’ll provide fit commentary on each item so you know whether that particular style will work for your shape.

size chart

Will I still need to go to the tailor?
Probably not.  Consider though: the reason the gents (and Hollywood stars) always look so good is that their clothes are tailored to their precise measurements.

We’re firm believers in the power of a good tailor to make clothes look their best on your body. (You’d be surprised at the difference a quarter inch makes in strategic places to take a garment from good to great!)

We’ve designed our seams and strategically placed our zippers to be able to accommodate tailoring, should you choose a nip and tuck for a truly made-for-you look.  Again, entirely your choice.

We’re beyond excited to get the first collection to you in this spring!  Stay tuned for more details.

To your success,
Melanie & Front Room HQ
More than clothes, confidence.™

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Open Wide

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2015 brings you many opportunities to open wider to your brilliance, to love, to joy.

I wish that 2015 be a year you grant yourself even more acceptance.

So many people use resolutions as a tool for beating themselves up, as though they need fixing. (You don’t need improvement.)

Still others won’t be truly happy until they’ve achieved their goals.  When I lose those 10 lbs I’ll be happy!!  (Happiness is both a choice and a habit.)

I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate your wins.  If losing weight is a goal of yours and you achieve it, put on the Prince and party like its 1999!

Neither am I saying we can’t grow or stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones.

What I am saying is that you can be really happy, as in right now.  I’m saying that those things you might be putting on pause until you’re ­­­­­­___________ can’t wait.  The Universe is waiting for you!!

I’m saying that you don’t need to wait to be “improved” to take the risk and speak up in the meeting, ask for the raise, talk to the handsome man in line for a  latte.  You’re deserving of it right now.  How do I know?  Because you want it.

If you follow the “I’ll wait until” logic, then Oprah shoulda just waited for those next 10 lbs to come off before she made her move?  Ed O’Neill should have waited to audition for the Dad/Grandpa role on the popular TV show “Modern Family” until he was in better shape?   Hell no!

So don’t you wait either, puh-leeze!  You’ve got magic to work and the size of your skin suit (or whatever you think needs fixing) has ZERO to do with your ability to work it.  Good things come to those who hustle.

Yes, we mortals do feel better when we look good.  I’m guilty of it too.  It is partly why I started this clothing line: look good, feel better.

Just know that sometimes choosing to shake off the guilt about being “flawed” and feel better anyway makes you look positively radiant, and if that isn’t motivation to go dancing on the glass ceiling I don’t know what is.

I’m SO glad to have you along for my ride and the long awaited launch later this spring.  Fabrics are ordered, factory space booked…  your new closet go-tos are only a few months away!

To your stellar 2015,
Melanie & Front Room HQ
More than clothes, confidence.™

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