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Launch update: good news / bad news

Hallelujah!!  The production fabric has finally arrived at the factory for sewing.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that here were a series of unfortunate delays: an unintentional omission by one of my suppliers tumbled through our critical path like dominoes and caused the fabric to be about eight weeks late in arriving.

As a result, we have lost our production window with the factory until the New Year.
Major. Bummer.

Well, we at Front Room are not ones to dwell on that which we cannot change so with that update, we’re going to fill you in on what you can look forward to with our launch early 2015!

Front Room makes clothes for the busty bosslady.  So what exactly does that mean?

It means we’re making tops to take you from desk to dinner so you look polished and professional.  You’re to be taken seriously as a kick-ass, ultra-competent, high achieving woman.

You need your clothes to convey the same message:  you’re beautiful, brainy, and respectable.   Check.

It means we’re creating styles that also work overtime for your busy life after-hours.  They can be dressed down under a cardi or a leather jacket or accessorized up for a night out.

You’re a dynamic, well-rounded woman and you need your clothes to multi-task.  Check.

It means that we’re putting a LOT of time and effort into creating a fit for the bustier* woman.  A fit just tight enough to show your shape. A fit that is tailored, not trashy.  Clothes you can feel confident in, knowing your bra won’t be making any unwanted appearances.  Clothes that fit your waist and your bust with no pulling or gaping.

You want stylish clothes that fit your full bust and show off where you’re slender. Check.

You want a sneak peek?   Well, we don’t have any photos yet but… we’re doing a classic white shirt.  Not just any old shirt though, an essential silk utility shirt in just the right shade of winter white.  Not too white, not too ivory.
Essential utility blouse
It is a split-neck, button front shirt without a collar and with cuffs that can be worn rolled up or down.  Made in a luxurious season-spanning silk charmeuse with a hint of stretch.  Even better, it’s hand-washable. (You’re welcome.)   Perfect for wearing untucked with boyfriend jeans and booties or tucked into suiting.

Ok, that’s all we can dish for now.  Stay tuned for more deets to come in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for being patient while we make our launch bigger and better!  We’re really disappointed we can’t get product to you in time for the holidays.  Rest assured we’re already in planning for mid-Spring, pre-Fall and FW15/16.

Know some other successful, stacked sisters?  They’d love you for hooking them up!  Send them here to get them in the loop.

To your success,
CEO & Founder, Front Room
More than clothes, confidence.™

*We’re saying bustier is a DD+ (US) /F+ cup or >6” difference between your full bust and underbust measurements.  We’d love to sell to you in bra sizes but some of your sisters (you know who they are) still aren’t with the proper fit program.  A D-cup is NOT what most women think it is.  Well, those women uninitiated to bras with sizes like 28HH.

Back to the Future

The overarching theme for FW 15/16 is fresh takes on old standbys:  houndstooth and florals get digitally combined and printed on unexpected materials like fleece.  Mixing textures, prints and metals to create modern mashups, particularly on denim and sweatshirts.

Increasingly in fashion, anything goes!  The rule is there are no rules.  There are trends, of course but they are far less rigid than days gone by.


  • Denim.  Denim is a key for virtually every colour incarnation.  It is black, blue, grey, coated, flocked, metallic and trimmed with whip-stitching or fringe.  Even faded high-waisted mom jeans have a place in FW 15/16.  (Yeah, I know.)
  • The sweatshirt.  It lives the high life again for FW 15/16.  With leather, denim, with zippers, in fleece, in brocade.  (Not particularly boob flattering but I don’t care!  Either accessorize or pair with slim skirts or skinny jeans to avoid looking like the Michelin Man.)
  • Jogging pants are still big next year. (In more prints, leather and metallics.  Generally NOT paired with the sweatshirt, unless you’re rocking a leather sweatshirt with sequin jogging pants and high heels.  Just sayin’.)
  • Sporty details and materials: side stripes on trousers, fleece, sweatshirts. (Did I mention sweatshirts are big next year?)
  • Rounded shoulders on coats and jackets, especially on robe coats.
  • Peplum details on tops and jackets. (A definite DO, a very boob-friendly shape.)
  • The baseball, bomber-style jacket is big again, in more mashed-up combinations or texture, colour and sheen from blingy metallics to denim to quilting.
  • Sneakers, loafers and super-chunky heeled sandals.

*The colour forecasts I’m sharing were presented by PromoStyl at the LA International Textile Show.  Unless otherwise noted, all images via PromoStyl.

Each main colour direction each had echoes of decades gone by.  There was a deep contrast between warm, earthy, cozy colours and shapes on one hand and a cold, industrial, utilitarian palette on the other.  This goes for metallics as well.

Blue features strongly in all of them, only indirectly in denim for Details.  You’ll be just fine if you’re an all black, all the time girl too.  Ditto for shades of grey (couldn’t resist!).

As mentioned last week’s colour forecast, blush is big for FW 15/16.  While it isn’t overly represented in the images below, I certainly saw it in lots of the fabric options from the suppliers.  Certainly not all of the trends below get equal play from the suppliers.

Ccool blue, grey and black combine for a raw, utilitarian vibe (as seen in retro coveralls, overalls – also onesies (!) done in denim or coated fleece, and denim or denim-look casual suiting).

Retro-50’s gray greens combine with black and grey for an industrial feel used in graphic prints and colour blocking.


Blue, yellow, green and cork came together with a decidedly early 80’s sporty feel.


Fabrics are functional with an emphasis on sporty, technical fabrics and denim, lots of denim.   Textures are high contrast:  less finished or raw edging on denim or sweatshirts paired with sleek (but never shiny) materials like leather, coated denim or functional/athletic fabrics.   Trims are utilitarian or functional looking: lots of zippers, cording in low-sheen black, graphite and silver. Prints are graphic: windowpane checks, grids and even retro typographic with bold lines.   Coated denim in black, deep blue and metallics will carry on well into FW 15/16.

There were soft, poetic and very feminine with rounded shapes (rounded shoulders in coats and jackets) and the feel of ballet.  Soft and cozy blush pink mixed with cocoa browns with baby blue or pale yellow to contrast.


We also see a deeper hued blush mixed with softened earth tones: moss green, reddish clay, bark brown.


Fabrics reflected the cozy feel with shearling, chunky knits, fleece, and brushed textures.  Prints are also feminine, with lots of floral, garden, and botanical motifs, swirly script, and cutesy animals. Mixes well with slouchy grey flannel trousers.  Often grounded with a chunky heeled sandal with slouchy socks (if you’re so inclined).


Rich brown grounds shades of camel, gold, black and bronze – harking back to the late 1980s/early 1990’s with a prestige feel.   Leopard print goes strongt into FW 15/16, as do other updated preppy prints with animals.  Menswear checks, plaids, herringbones, and tweed make a comeback for women, as do faded florals.  They might be on a modern narrow trouser, digitally mashed up and printed on a sweatshirt or as a flocked denim print.

Sporty, technical/functional fabrics and shapes mix up the menswear trend.  Lots of metallic tones and accents, especially in gold, add to the luxury of these looks.


Works of Art
One subset presentation is worth noting separately as it interprets “details” quite differently.  As this colour palette is reminiscent of those used by Dutch masters (Vermeer, van Gogh) and lends itself to prints displaying unique craftsmanship and hand-detailing as wearable art.  It may be a traditional painterly-type scene remixed digitally on fleece or denim.  Another use I saw (and loved) was the abstract, hand-painted look of Japanese papers printed on a variety of fabrics.   The artistic take also heavily favours metallics.


(left: Japanese paper source here.  I have it myself!)

There is lots and lots of denim (including the mom jeans) as a preppy, sporty base:  stop there, or carry on to add fun elements of expression with a decidedly youthful, hippy-tech, techno-tribal feel.

The colour base of this entire trend is chambray and denim blues.  Then mix in baby bubblegum pink, cool red and port wine for a feel-good cool-toned palette.

The prints reminiscent of Navajo and other American Indian designs appear even more FW 15/16.  There were lots of trims in fur, feathers, leather, leather fringe, embroidered designs applied to denim jackets and jeans (90’s style side seam trims anyone?).

Watercolour prints were also a key theme of this colour palette.


We agree with the sentiment that fashion is what is on the racks at the store.  Style is how you put it together.    Take all of these with a grain of salt (after all they are also forecasting the onesie for men, in fleece and in a Top Gun-like denim flight suit) then take them and make them your own.

Let us know your favorites from this season and what you’re excited about for next season in the comments section below.

To your success,
CEO & Founder, Front Room
More than clothes, confidence.™

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Coming or going?

I just came back from a fabric tradeshow showcasing the colours, shapes and prints for the Fall 2015/Winter 2016 (abbreviated as FW) season so I thought I’d give you a quick overview.

We at Front Room are moderately influenced by trends rather than being strict disciples.  We prefer modern classics that will last a few seasons and WEARABLE colours.
Still, it is good to know when a colour that looks fabulous on you is will be deemed passé by the fashion powers-that-be so you can load up now.  You’re welcome.

With the exception of the blues, the clear jewel tones we see this year give way to warm, earthy colours on one hand and cool, even veering into cold colours on the other.  This goes for metallics as well.

The blush (soft warm pink) and oxblood to wine to plum tones we see this year are MUCH bigger next year.  Purchase with confidence to last a few seasons.

Baby bubble gum pink also has some staying power.  Next year it is opaque with a happy, sporty feel rather than some of the cartoonish incarnations of this year.  The other candy brights from FW/15 disappear entirely.

There weren’t nearly as many reds we’d expect for Fall/Winter.  It appears most often in the wine shades above and sometimes in a slightly cool, muted red.

We know navy and marine blues are staples and next year the fashion world agrees.  Shades of blue are big for FW 15/16, including the current baby blue trend colour.  That said, they seemed to stick to the true or gray side – virtually no teal or green-blues.

Brown, brown, brown.  I saw every shade of rich brown, from dark chocolate to cocoa to camel to café au lait to cork.    Ditto for the warm metallics:  deep bronze to gold and brass to champagne.

Shades of cognac but that’s the closest we come to orange or copper, notably absent from FW15/16.

Deep forest green makes an appearance to play well with the brown tones and gold.

FW clothing always brings black, grey and white, next year will be no exception.  The cool metallics were quite industrial, from black to gunmetal to molten white but without as much shine on the either end of the silver spectrum.

The new addition to the stark black, grey and white are retro gray greens (think utilitarian washed out seafoam and mint).

Next week, I’ll fill you in on how FW 15/16 colours come together in four main palette themes.  I’ll also pull the some colour samples so you don’t have to imagine what I’m talking about if colour isn’t your thing.

Let me know your favorites from this season and what you’re excited about for next season in the comments below!

To your success,
CEO & Founder, Front Room
More than clothes, confidence.™
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